Terms of use

If you use our webpage to make reservation for services or transfer, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted general terms of our work.

1. Transfer

By ''transfer'' we understand the transfer of at least one passenger from the departure point to the previously agreed address.

2. Reservation

Reservation is made online at least 24 hours in advance.

If you want to book a transfer within 24 hours, you have to contact the administrator by the phone.

When the reservation is accepted, you will get the confirmation about it on your e-mail. After you get the confirmation, we will contact you as soon as possible to provide details about your transfer.

If you have made reservation without the credit card, you have to be available on the day of reservation and 48 hours before the transfer, otherwise the transfer will be canceled.

If we don't have free vehicles, we keep the right to decline the reservation.

If we are not able to do the transfer ourselves, we keep the right to forward it to our partners. We are not responsible for any possible damage in that case.

The person who enters the data is responsible for their correctness and she guarantees that the credit card is hers or that (s)he is permitted to use it.

The transfer operator is not responsible for any wrong or incorrectly written data.

3. Prices

Holidaytransfers keeps the right to change the prices without previous announcement.

Reservations made before the change of prices will be charged according to prices valid at the moment of making the reservation.

4. Cancellation of transfer

If you cancel your transfer 4 or more days before the agreed date of the transfer, Holidaytransfers will give you back the full amount of payment.

If you

cancel your transfer 3 or less days before the agreed date of the transfer,

Holidaytransfers will not give you back the payment.

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