Paklenica National Park

Thanks to its unique nature, magnificent forest on Dalmatian area and outstanding geomorphological shapes of the mountain the area of Velika and Mala Paklenica has been protected and declared a National Park on 19th of October 1949, which makes it the second oldest Croatian national park immediately after Plitvice Lakes. The area of Paklenica is situated on Velebit mountain with the surface of 95 square kilometres underneath the highest peaks of Vagan (1757m) and Sveto brdo (1753m). National Park Paklenica is also rich with underground world like cave Manita which is 175 m long and divided into two halls full of stalactites, stalagmites and dripstones. The entrance into the cave is on 570 m above sea level and the rise from the main parking lot in Velika Paklenica to the cave lasts for about hour and a half. Many visitors of Paklenica National Park are attracted by impressive perspectives of Velebit mountain above summer resorts Starigrad Paklenica, Seline and Tribanj. If you want to enjoy all the natural beauties of this National Park, you just need to choose one of the hiking trails and relax in the untouched nature surrounded by beauties of Velebit mountain, drinkable water from little Paklenica river and the shade of giant beech and pine forests. If you need taxi transfer to National Park, our transfer company is at your disposal. We organize transfer excursions to National Park Paklenica with included waiting of the driver and the vehicle and we also provide taxi transfer services towards Croatian airports.

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