Zagreb Airport

International Zagreb Airport is situated 11 km south-eastern from Zagreb. The biggest part of the airport is situated on the area of city Velika Gorica, part Pleso. The airport is named after the first Croatian president, Franjo Tuđman. The biggest Croatian airport has started its development in 1959 when the passengers' building and platform were built and the civil air traffic was open in the same year. Zagreb Airport has recorded positive results ever since its opening. As the airport was working better and better from one year to another, further investment and construction took place in 1984. In that year customs department, international shippng, cargo terminal and new fire station started working. The Croatian Government and Zagreb City have made a deal in 2007 about co-financing of the further construction and reconstruction of the airport because of the aim that Zagreb Airport develops into the leading airport in this part of Europe. In 2012 Zagreb Airport was given in concession to French consortium ZAIC (Zagreb Airport International Company) for 30 years period under condition of building of new passengers' terminal and letting it in traffic in 2017. Our transfer agency offers taxi services from and to Zagreb Airport Franjo Tuđman. It is only necessary to fill in the reservation on our webpage several days before your arrival and our taxi drivers will wait for you at the arrival terminals.

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